How A Mother Journey Start.

This is not that easy as we are hiking before when we become mother first time. I am sharing my personal experience with you. Might be it can help you to understand something.


Becoming a mother for first time is really very challenging for every girl. The life is totally changed. When you become a mother first time, you entered in new phase of your life, MOTHERHOOD. First time motherhood is so hard because, it’s just so new. During your motherhood you face so many ups and downs in your life. Most interesting think is that you learn so many thinks from this new chapter of your life. The most important thing should keep in mind to every woman to becoming a mom. You should be physically and mentally strong. Because started two and three months or last two months is so hard to every mom. During the last month of pregnancy you most likely feel more physical discomfort then in other months. One thing is that you can keep in mind. Your actual date of delivery can be different from your estimated date of delivery.  


There is no shortage of advice for new parents on what to buy, how much to buy, or when to buy it. But my personal experience, I  give you advice to buy few absolute necessities, like Baby cloths, Diapers and Bankets. After the birth of  a baby you face so many new challenges in your life. Most challenging task to every moms is how to properly feed your child after birth,. It’s so difficult to everyone. Be prepared to feed your born around the clock-which means whether you r breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, you are going  need the right adviser. Breastfeeding gives babies the best start for a healthy life .Breastfeeding is recommended until babies are around six months of age .breastfeeding contains important components to protect and build the baby’s immunity system. Breast milk is the best for your baby. Breastfeeding can reduce your stress level and your risk of postpartum (the period just after delivery) depression.

If you really want to but something we will recommended you few good sites which offers only kids related all products.

1. Firstcry.

The world number 1 kids website is can check here everything what are you looking for. This site is based in India.

2. Mothercare. As it’s name describe itself Mothercare so this is one the world larger group dealing in child and mother clothing. Mothercare online shopping also help you to save your time and you can receive the product at your home when you order something online. You can save extra money by using Mothercare coupon code at Mothercare. 

3.Mamas and Papas.

This name is also big as Mothercare Europe based retail start selling there product all over the world. You can check here what are you looking for too. And when you shop Online at Mamas and Papas you can avail up to 50% discount on your shopping by using exclusive promo code of Mamas and Papas.

4. Childrensalon.
When it’s come to the luxury clothing so this is the place where you can buy best designer clothing and they were delivering the product all over the world. Childrensalon is basically know for kids designer clothing.

5. Baby Shop Store.
Baby shop store might be also your choice again here you can also check what are you looking for and you can save more on your online shopping by using Baby shop store discount code which you can easily find on any website  


It’s important that you are able to recognize the sign and symptoms of an illness that will affect your baby and how you can care for your child. Common problems in infants include fiver, reflux, constipation and rashes. Constipation is very common in every child .some time it’s become begets problem to new parents, because they don’t know how to deal with that situation. It’s necessary to know every mother to recognize the sign and symptoms of an illness. Other thing should keep in mind first time parents regarding their vaccinations. ‘Vaccinations is most important for every child, its protects many serious child hood disease .These disease can cause hospitalized. It is important for child to be vaccinated at the recommended times rather than delaying or splitting vaccines.  


The first time moms should take some adviser from others on how to take care of a new born and yourself after your baby is born. you can took classes at the hospital to teach  you about bathing or diapering and also asked others moms for advice. Being  a first time mom has its own set of challenges as you introduced to a lot of new things ,breastfeeding to soothing a crying baby .with patience and right information ,you can make it a fulfilling experiences.  

MOTHERHOOD is one of the most important lesson of my life .I understood my mother, I become a mother of a child .I learned and experienced the true meaning of motherhood. The unconditional love and care towards her child is uncountable. I salute all the mothers over there who work so hard to raise their little once. Whatever you read and lesson from others does not mater, only that time will you make a good mother. Being a mom you need to plays a lots of role, some time a doctor or some time teacher without any degree’s. Motherhood is a great honor and privilege to every woman in this world. You should be proud to be a MOTHER.

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