9Th Most Important child-adolescence-guide

9. We sometimes overestimate the importance of problems of transitional age – that is, we are inclined to justify rudeness, licentiousness, and laziness with teenage problems. And still – we justify own laziness and unwillingness to be engaged in education. “What can you do, it’s age!”


As such an excuse, by the way, they call not only transitional age, but also the general illness of the child. Indeed, now many children are sick in one way or another. And the parents say: “Well, he is sick! What can he bring up if he is sick? Well, he just has such features – he attacks people, behaves ugly … “And I answer that:” If he is sick, then all the more he should be educated and well educated so that some basic things become unconditional for him. And if you start to give him discounts, he will grow up as an inadequate person and will suffer himself and bring suffering to others. ”
Teenagers, of course, need to explain the peculiarities of their age, explain why and what happens to them, let them read popular scientific literature about it. As they say, forewarned is forearmed.
But at the same time, if adolescents themselves begin to justify their antics by adolescence, I say in such cases: I understand everything, deeply sympathize, but I will not tolerate rudeness, because I have my own age features.

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Therefore, age, features, features, but you still can not turn into a monkey. Not at seven, not at fourteen, not at seventy.

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