7th Child Adolescence Guide is Communication

7. It is extremely useful for a teenager to communicate not only with peers, but also with smart, interesting adults.


When a child reaches adolescence, he often loses the desire to spend time with his parents. And this is absolutely normal, it does not indicate parental errors. On the contrary, if the child does not let go of your hand, does not want to go alone for a birthday to a friend, does not want to go to the camp – this is already a cause for concern. We must soberly understand: the parents will not be with the child all their life. And in order for his life to be full, successful and happy, he must be socialized, that is, he must be able to build relationships with his peers, and with other people’s adults, and with strangers.
But for the child to be able to – he must learn this, such skills do not fall from the sky. And how to learn this? Who? First, the child learns this in practice, communicating with peers at school and outside school. Secondly, learning from parents – if they trust them. But, in addition to parents, it is extremely important that a teenager communicate with adults that are significant to him. It could be someone from relatives, neighbors, friends of parents, teachers, trainers, and so on. It is not necessary to look for such a person specifically and then impose it on the child – because the one who you like is not at all a fact that your son or daughter will like. But if such a significant adult in a teenager appears in a natural way – it is worth only to rejoice.
Rejoice – but do not let this matter take its course. Parents must also maintain contact with an adult that is meaningful for the child; they must keep track of the nature of their interaction with the child. It is clear that do not spy, do not pry, do not shoot a hidden camera. But be sure to pay attention to how the child changes from communicating with this adult, what he takes over.
In a normal situation, such significant for a teenager adults arise from the circle of communication of the parents themselves. Very well contribute to this hiking with friends, joint exercise or creativity.

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