3rd Main Guide Of Adolescence

3. It should be remembered that adolescents, especially those aged 10–13 years, greatly exaggerate their capabilities.


It happens, of course, and vice versa – the child is startled so much that he doesn’t see any opportunities at all if he has formed a complex loser. But an ordinary, as it is customary to call now, “normotypical” adolescent quite naturally think that he can do anything. Especially in the younger teens. The child says: “Yes, I’m cool! Yes, let them try to attack me, I them! I carry a stick with me on purpose! ”
As he grows older, the child begins to understand that he will not be beaten off from any danger, he will not jump over the precipice in two jumps, he will not learn the annual course of mathematics overnight. “Recklessness” is gradually passing, because some experience and ability to analyze already appears, and by the age of fifteen the teenager becomes much more cautious.
Unfortunately, this does not concern the fact that they are imposed by direct or hidden advertising. First of all, advertising of things that are dangerous to health – from coca-cola chips, continuing with energy drinks and ending with spices. The risk of harmful products and stimulants is delayed. It seems to teenagers that their health is infinite, that someone else, and they will never die.
When talking about the harmfulness of all these things, the teenager thinks: “This is when there will be more, and indeed there will be.” Such a deep inner conviction in their invulnerability. Therefore, one can endlessly tell them about the harm of this and that – there will be no result. The teenager is adamant: it is dangerous for someone else, but not for him.
And this adolescent conviction in our own invulnerability we, adults, have to consider. When the children of Bazis Club come to Feodosia for their summer holidays, I try to control their purchases. A moratorium is imposed on chips and other similar products.

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