I am a shoemaker without boots. My older children are resting in the country at the grandmother. And today she wrote that they have no waterproof pants with them. How many writing tips and articles that other parents do not forget anything, and she did not remember about it. Therefore, I decided to urgently draw up a check-list of clothes and shoes necessary for the summer, and I will sometimes check it myself;) 

The emphasis is on things that are in the assortment of All About Child Guide, because we always select them very carefully and recommend them boldly. If you have not taken into account something, follow the links and choose your favorite thing, and you can drop your review in comment section. 

Summer in the the world

In All over the world, the weather is changeable, today asphalt melts from the heat, and tomorrow it pours rain like a bucket. Accordingly, clothes and shoes should be selected for any occasion and withstand funny children’s pranks. Let’s consider in detail what is useful in the city:


If you are used to walking in any weather, going to nature, hiking or relaxing in the country, then you should take care of waterproof and warm things. You need to take with you:


  • Rubber boots – for walking on wet grass and puddles;
  • Umbrella with bright and fun prints.                                                                                    

We picked up several suitable sets of clothes and shoes for walking in the summer in any weather on children: 

We are going on vacation
  1. What do you most want in the summer heat? Of course, swim in the sea and sunbathe in the sun. For the rest in hot countries, our sales hits will definitely come in handy – Molo and Reima swimsuits Crocs shoes and Trunki suitcases Now about all this in more detail.

  • Trunki Suitcase is a super thing for traveling with children up to 5 years. All the children’s treasures and clothes will fit perfectly in it, and you can also ride it at the airport.
  • Crocs – in my family, no vacation is complete without them. I am sure that this is the best footwear for the beach, so a pair of crocs will be useful not only for children, but also for adults . Add jibits to them .
  • Swimsuit or swimming trunks – for the pool and for access to the beach in the evening, when there is no scorching sun.
  • T-shirt or swimsuit – perfectly protects from the harmful effects of the sun, dries quickly and does not hinder movement.
We have prepared some cool examples:

In clothes, shoes and accessories from our favorite brands, the rest will be truly comfortable and intense. By the way, many products are now sold with big discounts. Check out that from the list of necessary things you do not have in stock and create your own unique and practical image!

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