First Care Of The Newborn Baby

The Apgar test measures the vitality of the baby in the first minutes!


While your baby grew inside you, to take care of you barely had to worry about living a healthy life and eating; but from the moment your head appears, you need your care and those of the health personnel who have attended your delivery.

They are very important moments and, at the same time, full of emotion. The midwife will definitively cut the umbilical cord that until now was united, and together with the doctor they will verify with some simple tests.

We tell you what those first care of the newborn will be like since their lungs take a breath for the first time and start breathing

What medical care the baby receives in childbirth?

As soon as you are born, even before the birth is complete, when the placenta is still inside your uterus, the baby is subjected to the first medical care so that nothing complicates his happy birth. We must say that in recent years medical practice has changed, and is not as interventionist as in the past.

Skin to skin contact!

If the baby begins crying and has a good tone, it is placed
on top of the mother to promote skin-to-skin contact and begin breastfeeding.

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